True Talk

Who’s Susan?


While visiting them for “keep it real” we had a chance to know them better.

Susan is an idea enwrapped in mystery. It’s a motivational force that pushes us to do what we are doing. The label is pretty much shaped around her and our goal is to take the listeners with us in our search to find her true identity.

We run the label as a trio and each of us does our own thing. We’ve been talking about starting a label for years now but due to a lack of time and experience we never got round to doing it.

Things went quite fast once we finally decided that the time was ripe. We’d decided which tracks we would want to release on a first 12” (with our own Axefield on the production) and then contacted a distribution company in Rotterdam.

We pretty much immediately got a response and the ball started rolling from there. That was exactly a year ago and now we have our first release in all your favorite stores. It’s pretty exciting to see the transformation of an idea to a tangible object. Things have been busy around the release date and our individual tasks have definitely broadened. We’re looking mainly at promotion now but it’s fairly safe to say that the initial sales the past few days have been extremely satisfying.

What’s it like in the future?

Who’s Susan will always bring out vinyl but we have looked into the possibility of releasing digital. Vinyl digging is an art on its own but digital releases come in handy, too. Looking into the future – say, a year from now – we’ve got plenty of exciting material to put out. We’ve set a release schedule and are adding the finishing touches to compiling the music. One must remember, SUSAN001 is just the beginning..

Who are you signing what are you looking for?

For the sake of not wanting to ruin any surprises we can say that we have a very good lineup of artists that are both up-and-coming and already strong in the game. We’ve been in touch with Doline, who brought out an amazing release on the Sound Pellegrino imprint, and who will be bringing out an eclectic, to say the least, release on our label. The rest of our plans must be handed over to the element of surprise.

SUSAN001 is out now, what made you choose Raär?

We simply stumbled upon him on soundcloud and I think he didn’t have many followers at the time. We asked whether he wanted to send a demo, he did, we dug it and the rest was history. He was greatly approachable and there was an immediate click. He sent us plenty of tunes that we instantly liked. It was actually harder selecting what to release rather than if we could release his music. He’s really blowing up right now, with three releases that came out in the same week as ours.

What do you think about lo-fi?

It really does seem like an Internet thing at the moment. Although lo-fi labels are working towards the clubs, it would be dope to see more of it in the club. It’s kind of funny that the whole lo-fi sound is usually associated with cassettes and old dusty tape recorders but yet we find thousands of digital renditions on the internet. That’s kind of the thing with vinyl, too. We live in a digital day and age where things can’t go fast enough, yet we still try to clamp onto something that used to be.

Do you organise events or are you invited to gigs?

Who’s Susan is a project that officially went live with our first release on October 14th. With that being said, we are looking to host label nights in the near future, but right now our primary focus lies on bringing out good music on a regular basis. That’s pretty much a full time occupation as we are still toddlers in the endless world of music. We do aim to regularly bring out short video clips purely for the entertainment of the viewer. We’ve done two thus far and people seem to enjoy them. This is a means of communicating with our audience in different way than just standard written posts. There are also other things we have planned but that too is a surprise, so keep your eyes peeled.


In the beginning of the Keep it Real podcast you played a jungle track very slowly, never heard that before…how did you come up with the idea?

Well we bought this jungle compilation a while back, which was released on LTJ Bukem’s label. In our opinion that kind of 90s jungle has a housey feel to it. So it was only a matter of lowering the bpm to make it work. There’s an excerpt of an interview with Will Bankhead where he laughingly talks about BPM’s. Indeed, what do BPM’s really mean? Sure, a track is set a certain BPM, but that doesn’t mean you can twist things up a little and play it very slowly or incredibly fast. It makes spinning fun!

Do you all three of you produce?

Nope, only Will does. He produces under the name ‘Axefield’ and he’s on the B1 Side of our first release. Sometimes we do steal his sampler and mess around though. Tristan (T-Bone Tyrone) is the administrative man who structurally tries to avoid taxes, whilst Christiaan (DJ Herm S) likes to remain anonymous.

Vinyls only? Live?

We spin with vinyls, serato and digital. Performing live is something Will might consider in the future.

Where can we find you?

Wherever our legs take us! But for now, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.

How do you keep it real every day?

By pushing our idea forward and working on it daily. It’s exciting to see how long it took for us to actually start a label and how fast things are going now. We sold 160 of 300 copies over the weekend which is something we are definitely proud of.


Who’s that cool guy on your covers?

His name is Adam and he’s from Miami. We don’t know much about him but apparently he met Susan before. We wish we could ever meet him. Unfortunately there aren’t any flights booked to actually visit him. But that might still come.

But, Who’s Susan?

Listen closely and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Then decrypt the hieroglyphics and stretch them out on a canvas. Perhaps if you find the right mixture of oil paint to splash the image we try to portray might come to life. At least, that’s all we know.