Keep It Real – Berlin

It all started on the Saturday 29th of October at 8:00 am with Nicolas saying,

“Man, I lost the key of the locker!”

This was two hours before the launch of our the second online podcast in Berlin. We had no access to our recording equipments. The hostel receptionist told us that it wasn’t possible to open it because it was managed by another company and this one was only available on Monday.


At that time we felt like the world was falling apart.

We told ourself, we don’t change a team team that wins.

“On ne change pas une equipe qui gagne”

However Karlis told us at 6 am that Melisa found some keys the night before. The minutes were counted so we jumped into a taxi and headed to Karlis place. What a rush to start a day off, but we told our self, but that it was how we keep it real after all.

When we reached Karlis flat we found the key, and were so stoked that we were laughing and running in the stairs, while going down one of us failed down and broke the rail, between I hope Karlis is not reading this.dsc_0032

A couple minutes later we managed to get our equipment at the hostel and bounced to Gabriel place aka Mane. When arrived there we plugged everything and Ege aka St.Eggs was preparing his set and getting some fuel.


He did warm up session and we launch the live stream at 12:00. He started his set with deep and groovy house cuts. Guest DJ didn’t have much choice, because the only gears available were two turntables and a mixer, real set up. People were starting the arrive and they were pleased to get in a small room with so much vibes.

An hour and half later, Robert aka Timur Lenk the real local, born and raised in Berlin showed up and started his set right away. We got amazed by the quality and the deepness of his music selection as well as his fine mixing techniques. His flavours were composed of exclusive deep sounds and Gielgling. We were blessed to welcome a dozen of our best friend, each one of them were from different nations. We felt like a fusion was going between the mixture of qualitative music and this amazing crowd.

Check Timur’s Lenk Technoid vinyl set, it will take you to some other states of mind.

Our host Gabriele aka Mane started his set with a Headless Horseman track. He made a demonstration on how to combine powerful mixing techniques with bangers techno tunes.dsc_0056

We would like give a big thanks to Gabriele for his warm welcome as well as the realness of Ege and Robert in there set and in the chill zone. Special thanks To Nicolas Descamps for taking such incredible picture. And to you for reading this and being so grate.